The Energie und BioTechnik GmbH, founded in 1995 in Germany, is an internationally operating biotechnology company, which is specialized in planning, developing and designing innovative biogas systems. Our biogas plants are planned strictly vendor-neutral and technically adapted to each commodity/substrate.

To ensure the highest possible process-stability and yield for our partners, we research and develop, which allows us, to use this important know-how for our projects. Our longstanding experiences - next to the main market Germany - even are demanded for projects in China, Hungary, Romania, South Africa and Georgia.

As an important element for an economically successful realization of our projects, we research and develop Forschung und Entwicklungcontinuously. We closely cooperate with institutes such as universities, colleges, corporations and component manufacturers.
In particular through our research in the field of energetic recovery of plant residue material, we have established ourselves as a leading partner in Germany.

Our skills

  • Concepts for biogas-production, biogas treatment and feed-in as well as the use of biomethane
  • General planning and design of biogas systems
  • System integration of biogas technologies
  • Project Development & Project Management
  • Research & Development
  • Development of biogas-systems
  • Biomass concepts
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental concepts
  • Advice, coordination and scientific work in national and international research projects



Visions & professionalism - Mission Statement

Ambitious bioenergy projects requires more than ever visions and special know-how. The Energie und BioTechnik GmbH designs and realizes high-yield bioenergy projects from planning to construction - professionally and accurately.

We are focused on energetic recovery of plant residue material. Almost 90 realized biogas-projects and numerous environmental science projects demonstrate the high efficiency of our company. We are partners for operating companies, public utilities, waste management companies, local authorities and universities.

"Stagnation is regression" - we research and develop!

Biogas systems are rightly considered as established and safe. More than 8,000 biogas plants in Germany testify this. Nevertheless, efficiency and substrate flexibility are essential today. This can only be achieved with activities in research and development. Therefore we develop biogas components and biotechnological processes of our own



Special know-how for the new challenges of our time

The Energie und BioTechnik GmbH understands itself as a practiceoriented biotechnological planning and research company. Our philosophy:

"The technology adapts to the substrates!"

Biogas systems for sophisticated substrates must never be "off the peg". Therefore we apply considerable capacities for research and development projects like in the substrate-research-projects or for developing new, more efficient biogas components. This distinguishes us fundamentally from many other actors.

"Our partners can expect special know-how and a yield-oriented acting and thinking. This is our mission!"


F&E3 - Kopie

Current research 2015-2016

As the first ever company, we are currently developing a specially adapted biogas technology for the urban employment and for energetic recovery of urban plant residue materials. We also develop a special biotechnological fermentation process for this purpose. The research project is funded by foerderlogos_bmwe_zim Please contact us for further informations.

Our know-how for clean energies

Our team and network partners are composed of renowned experts who know how to generate scientific knowledge and who are capable to proof the practical feasibilities. The Energie und Biotechnik GmbH combines the skills of practitioners with scientifically precise working and highly professional management.

Approximately 90 planned and built biogas plants and components, numerous biotechnological projects, various environmental projects, research and development projects, feasibility studies and related tasks ensure our partners from politics and industry a highly professional project implementation.

Schriftzug EBT

          20 years and 40,000 kW project experience!





Over 20 years of know-how in the segments biogas technology, environmental economics and biomass utilization

We are proud that we can look back on 90 realized biogas projects with an installed power of over 40,000 kWe hitherto. We also managed many biotechnology-, environmental, scientific research-, and biomass projects. A professional management and visions make us a strong, reliable partner. Please click the button "Project examples" and you will get a small selection of our completed projects. Detailed references can be seen in our reference lists of BIOENERGY PROJECTS oder ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS. Please contact us for further informations.