Profitable biogas from experts


BGA Spielberg


The Energie und BioTechnik GmbH was founded in 1995. We are a german internationally operating biotechnology company, which is specialized in planning, developing and designing innovative, profitable biogas-projects

Biogas from experts

Our team is composed of german renowned experts in the segments of energetic recovery of plant residue materials and organic waste. 20 years experiences in planning and implementation makes us a strong partner of operating companies, public utilities, municipalities and waste management companies.

We are strictly vendor-neutral!

Our biogas-systems are planned and built with the best possible and most economically viable components. Our systems are in principle technically adapted specifically to each to be used commodities/substrates.

Research and development meets practice

We combine our national and international research and development activities consistently with daily practice. This distinguishes us fundamentally from other actors.

Biogas – unique among renewable energies




As energy economists we have specialized us from the outset on the production of biogas. Why…?

  • No other technology can produce electricity, heat, biomethane and biofuel!
  • No other technology supplies both: base load AND peak load!
  • No other technology supplies energy regardless of weather or daytime – a clear advantage compared with wind power- and photovoltaic systems!
  • No other technology is able to close the sustainable material cycles more effective!

Visions & professionalism – Mission statement

  • Our biogas systems are planned strictly vendor-neutral!
  • Our biogas systems are never off-the-peg!
  • Our biogas systems and technically adapted to each commodity/substrate!

Ambitious bioenergy projects require visions and special know-how. The Energy und BioTechnik GmbH realizes high-yield bioenergy projects from planning to construction – professionally and accurately. Almost 90 realized biogas projects and numerous environmental science projects demonstrate the high efficiency of our company.