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Special know-how for the new challenges of our time

The Energie und BioTechnik GmbH understands itself as a practiceoriented biotechnological planning and research company. Our philosophy:

„The technology adapts to the substrates!“

Biogas systems for sophisticated substrates must never be „off the peg“. Therefore we apply considerable capacities for research and development projects like in the substrate-research-projects or for developing new, more efficient biogas components. This distinguishes us fundamentally from many other actors.

„Our partners can expect special know-how and a yield-oriented acting and thinking. This is our mission!“


F&E3 - Kopie

Current research 2015-2016

As the first ever company, we are currently developing a specially adapted biogas technology for the urban employment and for energetic recovery of urban plant residue materials. We also develop a special biotechnological fermentation process for this purpose. The research project is funded by

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