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Our mission – the professional realization of visions

Please watch our small selection of projects from our business units „System Planning“, „Biomass“ and „Environmental Projects“


Biogas project „Municipal utilities“ (Stadtwerke Meiningen – Germany)


Production of electricity and use of waste heat (supply of “Castle hotel Landsberg“)

Client: Stadtwerke Meiningen (municipal utilities)

Installed kWel:       1.216

Output electricity: 10 Mio kWh/a

Output waste heat: 9 Mio kWh/a

Our services in this project:

+ Project development
+ General engineering
+ Tendering
+ Supervising of construction

Biomass project „Plant disposable items for biogas“


For 20,000 t sea-weed per year (salinity biomass reed and seagras), that accumulates in the Northern-Sea region of Germany, we developed as the worldwide first company a special fermentation process in a R & D project, funded by the german Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

The biotechnological challenge was the high salt content and the high levels of cellulose and lignin in this biomass.

We increased the gas yield with the result, that the landscaping material has been transformed successfully into a low-cost substrate and will be utilized in a regional biogas plant. For the operation company that means factual, the optimization of the substrate costs is a cost reduction of 35% per year (!).




Our services in this project

+ Project idea
+ Conception
+ Preparation of tender documents
+ Coordination of technical and biological process development
+ Initiating and coordinating subsidies up to targeting

Environmental project „Municipal Water House“ South Africa


The Project “Water House Southafrica“ will be realized in a community of the Ikwezi municipality. It lies in the so-called „Great Karoo“, a semi-desert landscape near the world famous “Addo Elephant Park”. This region suffers from extreme lack of water and poor water quality.

In the future, the water will be recycled and adapted to the actual needed water quality: drinking water is used only for human consumption; gray water (will be used for washing and residual water can be used for flushing the toilet or for technical or horticultural purposes.

The quality of pre-treated water (grey water) is oriented towards the high hygienic standards of the EU bathing water directive, which prevents diseases effectively. Through these measures, the demand for water will be reduced more than half, so at despite a higher standard twice as much water is available for washing and personal hygiene.


Because of the use of solar energy, the climate damaging fossil fuel consumption is eliminated. Simultaneously, the water house offers employment opportunities for the inhabitants of the region.

Our scientific director, Dr.-Ing. Soyez, is responsible for this project in his capacity as project manager of the professorship „Vegetation Ecology and Conservation Biology“ at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biology, University of Potsdam.