Sustained value-added instead of disposal costs!

– Urban biogas from urban, plant residue materials –


The amendment of the german EEG (German Renewable Energy Act) in 2014, forces to utilize residue materials for the production of biogas. In addition the costs of substrates are increasing constantly and exorbitant. Many biogas plants are insolvent for this reason. Therefore it is important to develop new, cost-effective processes and technologies. The scientific and engineering challenges are to develop technologies and biotechnological fermentation processes, which are capable to utilize plant residues exclusively or mainly. Consequently we develop a technology and fermentation-process for residues.

The Energie und BioTechnik GmbH faces these challenges and we even go one step further! We develop a compact biogas plant technology with integrated technology components, which is specialized to utilize urban plant residues. This technology is particular adapted for the municipal use.

In addition to the new biogas-system, we develop a new biotechnological fermentation-process. Our process is capable to utilize economically the heterogeneous occurring residues energetically.



Cities, municipalities and waste-management-companies will be able to create sustained value-added instead of high disposal costs!


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